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I was sleeping in bed when I felt something on my right thigh. I reached down and found a tick attached to my leg. I pulled it off and since I was half a sleep I just threw it on the floor. I thought to myself, “My dog Manuka must have been in my bed while I was out”. I turned over and went back to sleep. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors I have been bitten by literally hundreds of ticks in the past so I didn’t give the bite much concern.

But this time something different happened. When I arose the next morning I had a raised circular red rash around my bite. Yes, the famous bulls eye rash that sometimes comes with a Lyme infection. I still was not alarmed. I am an alternative health practioner and I am very familiar with what’s available out there to fight infection and build my immune system naturally. However, the bite took on a very ugly look and I began to consider going to the ER. I called several of my colleges who I respected in natural health and consulted with them about my bite. Every one of them told me not to go to the ER. That the antibiotics would most likely do more harm to me then the tick bite.

They all had there own protocol of herbs and other products they wanted me to take to remedy my situation. I looked all of them over and determined what I felt would be the most beneficial direction for me to take.

So I loaded up on several different products and took them several times a day. It took sometime but the rash disappeared, and I never had any other symptoms. I felt just fine.

Three months later I got another tick bite on my right breast while cutting grass and I got another bulls eye rash abound the bite. I thought what is this? How in the world could I get it twice within a couple of months?

So once again I went back on my regimen of herbs and other products several times a day. As before, the rash disappeared, and I never had any other symptoms. I was convinced that it was taken care of naturally and I never gave it another thought.

I stayed on all the herbs for at least 6 months to be on the safe side.

Several years later I started having all kinds of weird symptoms. I started to have Heart palpitations. I felt dizzy, yet it was different. Like a wooshy feeling in my head. I would be sitting on the couch and it would feel like a drop of water was falling on my arm running down. Or it would feel like someone poked me with a hot poker. Strange muscle twitches started all over. I started loosing my balance and I would just drop things. My memory went as well as the ability to concentrate. I rationalized it all away with thinking it was the change of life stuff.

Denial, yep you bet!

Then one day I got out of bed and to my surprise my breast felt like they were on fire and in tremendous pain. When I examined them they felt like a over stuffed bag of marbles. I felt

panic! What does this mean? Now this did scare me. I made an appointment to go see a doctor, for the first time in years and to have my first mammogram. The soonest I could get in was over a month away.

A few day later I went to get out of bed and my neck was froze in place in horrific pain. I couldn’t move. I had to be helped out of bed. Thinking I had one heck of a stiff neck I went and got a neck brace to support my head. The stiffness and pain did not leave and just continued along with all kinds of other symptoms that began showing up.

You may be wondering, “How in the world could ignore all those symptoms?” My reply would be easy, I just did. I rationalized them away over and over again.
At the time I was very busy and my business was exploding. I had worked for so many years for this and my day had finally come. I was working in Branson MO. Doing personal consultations with the tourist and I was swamped. In 4 years I personally worked with close to 4000 people! I was prospering in all areas of my life, except my health. I was working so many hours each day that I rationalized it all away as fatigue, or blood sugar, or maybe menopause? But the symptoms kept coming and getting more intense and persistent.

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