Here is a list of some of what I experienced
almost on a daily bases:


Constant fatigue, swollen glands, sore throat, joint pain and stiffness, back pain, muscle cramps and weakness, confusion and difficulty thinking, with an inability to concentrate. I wasn’t able to absorb new information so learning and comprehending anything new was close to impossible.

I had problems with using the wrong words and not able to communicate clearly. I would know what I wanted to say, but something else would come out. There were many times when I would say the very opposite of what I meant to say. It was like I could feel a short circuit in my brain. This is a real problem when you’re a public speaker and you do live radio talk shows.

I began reversing numbers and words when writing. I had a constant dull headache with nausea. Vision trouble with blurry vision with lots of floaters. My ears would hurt and itch and yet there was never any wax in my ears they were constantly dry. This is apparently a common lyme disease symptom.

t times I had buzzing in my ears. I experienced lots of motion sickness and vertigo. I hated that cause I loved roller coasters and action films. Now they made me sick. So did cars and trucks passing my while I was driving. This was a problem since I travel long distances to teach.

Different muscles would just start jumping around or twitching in different places in my body with out warning. It was so weird because I could just sit there and watch my fingers jump around or a place on my leg would begin moving up and down, up and down without me doing anything to cause it. 

I had constant insomnia. Heartburn with chest pain. The chest pain is scary because how do you know if your having a heart attack or not? I also experienced Heart palpitations through out the day.
I was either depressed or fighting depression everyday of my life. Another common symptom with Lyme. I would have a panic attack out of the blue that took lots of self talk to get under control. I would have them right in the middle of my consultations. But I hid it very well. No one knew what was happening to me, but me. The whacky emotional up's and down's drove me crazy as well as those close to me.

I lacked the energy to do anything. It was like 'the real me' was trapped somewhere in this dark hole unable to fight my way out. There were days when I would feel a little better and I would attempt to get everything that had been neglected done. On those days I would frantically run around the house cleaning, doing paper work, cleaning bird cages, make phone calls, and all the other things I hadn’t been able to get done for weeks. It was difficult because my legs always felt like they were walking through mud. That would make me tired quickly.

I would have sharp jabbing pains pop up in different places of my body all through out the day. The most painful was this hot poker pain that would strike my eyes. It would totality cripple me until it passed. Then my eyes would just water and water for some time after the pain had finally stopped.

So I spent most of my time just sitting and sitting. I just did not have the energy or ability to move. No more long walks, which I loved. As a result I experienced lots of weight gain.
There were other symptoms that came and went but the symptoms listed above were pretty much constant.

I was becoming terrified. What was wrong with me? I made my living helping folks figure out what was going on with them and here I was in this desperate situation. Since I’m an Eyologist, which is the art/science of seeing what is going on in the physical body, I took pictures of my eyes several different times and I would study them to see if I could get any clue as to what was happening to me.

I could see I had lots of inflammation going on along with some kind of bacterial infection, but I was still clueless as to what was wrong with me. I thought I had cancer. Then I thought I had MS. Then I thought I had Fibromyalgia or maybe Heart Disease. Then I thought I had all of them at one time! I thought I was dying.

My body was falling apart daily as more and more symptoms showed up. Loosing my brain was so daunting and my depression at times was disabling. I grieved over the loss of ’me and my life’. My best friend was gone and instead this miserable, sick stranger had moved in who I didn’t like.


Then one night while laying in bed I heard the thought run through that said, “You have Lyme disease”! Holy Cow! I thought to myself. I forgot about those bites. I ran to my computer and looked up Lyme and there were all of my symptoms.

The next morning I made an appointment with a Lyme Literate Doctor. I was truly fortunate to have an LLD right here in Springfield Missouri. He put me on a regimen of antibiotics. Within a week, much to my relief, my symptoms began to disappear. I stayed on various different antibiotics for over a year and continued to improve. I pursued getting well aggressively. Some days I would take several different kinds of antibiotics. This is called, “Pulse Therapy”. Antibiotics helped tremendously with getting the Lyme under control but they came with side effects causing many other health issues. But I was so thankful that I had a Doctor who believed me and was willing to treat me. I will forever be grateful to my LLD. He has paid a very high price here for treating Lyme Disease patients from his colleges. He has stuck with his patients regardless of how his peers have attacked him. My doctor was my Angel during a VERY dark time in my life.

Important Note!
I want to mention here that I was given very bad advice when I was told NOT to go to the ER years earlier. That advise was wrong and dangerous and led to the deterioration of my health and could of led to my death. I am still an alternative health practioner but I l have learned a difficult lesson through all of this.

Do not give advise to anyone unless you know what you are talking about. Are you trained in this area you're giving advice on? Do you have experience in the area you are giving advice on? Have you had a record of success in the area you are giving advice on? If not, then don't give them advice! Send them to someone else that does have the experience and knowledge.

It is the kind and loving thing to do.

All forms of healing are good and beneficial. Antibiotics ARE NOT BAD when used properly. If I had made the choice to go on antibiotics in the first few weeks of my first infection I would of most likely not ended up in the shape I was in. I now found myself with latened Lyme disease along with brain damage. I DO NOT hesitate to tell someone to go to a medical doctor when I detect a health issue that looks serious.

After a little over one year on antibiotics and natural products a lot of my symptoms were much less, or gone. I choose to take a break from the constant intake of antibiotics and remained on my natural products to keep myself feeling well. I was still sick on and off constantly. I always had a dull stiff neck, fatigue, weak, and brain fog. My legs always felt heavy like I walking through mud. But I felt my symptoms were manageable and tolerable. I didn’t not want to continue on antibiotics everyday for the rest of my life. As much as they helped, they did have long term nasty side effects. I stayed on a constant regiment of natural products to hopefully keep the Lyme disease symptoms under control.









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