Jecobie Roberts is a dynamic public speaker blending her unique gifts of humor and story telling, particularly when addressing sensitive issues. This assists her when presenting in-depth principles in a practical and applicable fashion. She is an accomplished public speaker and recipient of several oratorical awards and has had the opportunity to speak and perform at the 1984 Summer Olympics, Disneyland, San Quentin, as well as many television appearances.

She is the author of “Unveiling The Secrets Of the Soul,” and “Fucoidan and Cancer”, "The Poop Scoop Book", the ultimate guide to happy pooping", and has been a guest on several major radio talk shows and is known as the “Health Detective”, because of her uncanny ability to connect the symptoms (clues) together to discover the root cause of many health problems. She makes probing folks for health issues an art form. She has assisted 1000’s of women & men to regain their health and energy. Recommendations and suggestions are given on the adjustments that could be implemented to improve their current health situation. She also encourages them to seek professional medical advise from their Doctor if necessary.

A Nationally known author and sought after lecturer she has conducted workshops and seminars from coast to coast for over 25 years, as well as providing personal consultations on an appointment basis.

For several years she has been working with tourists in Branson where she has spoken to over 20,000 and personally worked with close to 4000. She has been told over and over again that she was the reason they came to Branson.
She utilizes several skills in order to understand what may be going on with in someone’s system.


With over 25 years in the entertainment business traveling and performing from coast to coast. She has appeared at Disney Land,
Disney World, The 1984 Summer Olympics, Military bases, Columbus Circle in New York, even appeared at San Quentin.... yep you read that right...she was a guest performer.... really!
She has also appeared on several National Radio Shows all over the country.


She uses her amazing ability to hypnotize people from all walks of life. Assisting people to let go of their biggest fears, offering them pain relief, remove emotional blocks, and finally find true freedom. However, during her MIND at PLAY show it is non-stop laughter and and a great time for all who attend.
If you are interested in Jecobie's Comedy Hypnosis Show, "Mind at Play", go to: www.JecobiesMindPlay.com




Jecobie has been trained in Iridology, Eyology, Sclerology, Rayid Technology, Fingernail & Tongue Evaluation.  Iridology is science that has been researched and practiced for well over 180 years and is a wonderful useful compliment to any alternative practice. What is very old is new again.

Personal Consultations

Currently her focus has been doing phone consultations giving her the ability to work with several clients from coast to coast. Through a thorough questionnaire and a comprehensive evaluation of symptoms she has been very successful assisting many find solutions to their on going health issues. Chronic Illness has many components involved and unraveling the pieces of the puzzle has been her forte. Auto immune diseases have become Jecobie’s specialty. For more information about a personal phone consultation email Jecobie at: Jecobie@aol.com.

Jecobie’s Training

Jecobie received her training & certification from several different schools of study.

Sclerology from researcher & Scientist, Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer ND, HP, at GrandMedicine.

Iridology from Dr. Harry Wolfe at, Applied Iridology.
Fingernail & Tongue Evaluation by the world known and respected, Dr. Tsu-Tsia Chi, N.M.D.,PhD.

She attended Herbal Healer Academy for her alternative medicine training & Herbology certification.

She has also received training & certification in “The Rayid Method & Time Risk Management”, which are the emotional and Psychological aspects of Eyology.

She attended “The University of Cincinnati”, majoring in Psychology.
For her Hypnosis training and certification she studied under Geoff Ronning at the Stage Hypnosis Center.

Jecobie still continues her studies & research. Eyology is a lifetime study. There are 100’s of signs all carrying important information concerning your heath. New things are being discovered daily.

Jecobie is available for speaking engagements as well as personal consultations. Phone consultations are available as well.

Your Body is Talking.
Are You Listening?

You’ll be amazed at how much your body is saying. Every illness or health issue has a message. Your cells are working to communicate with you and have a great influence on how you feel. Discover just how much your thoughts and emotions affect your health and what you can do to turn the tide into a healthier and happier you. You would be surprised to discover the wisdom and insight of what your body is attempting to say. It is important that you learn how to listen, then to pay attention to what your hearing.
Next, you need to know what to do to turn things around.
That is what I hope I am able to help you do.

The Need for Education is Great!
So is the Need.


Jecobie has made it her mission to educate, help, and instruct people interested in improving their health and lives. It has been her experience that folks want to know and understand what to do and how to do it, but are clueless at where to start.
How do you find and work with your doctor more effectively for the treatment you need?

What are necessary vitamins, minerals, and herbs to maintain your health? How do you know what is of good quality? The right price?
What is a healthy diet? Is there any natural way to correct my health issues that it safe and works?
Jecobie answers these questions in a clear way that is easy to understand and easy to follow. She offers practical, workable, and natural solutions for many health issues utilizing humor and common sense. That is why she has been so successful.

Some very important facts:
Americans spent 92 million dollars in 2000 attempting to feel better with drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Zanax, to name a few. This number has grown every year since.
One out of every two women will have a heart attack! What is happening?

Obesity and Diabetes is a national epidemic and daily on the rise.
Since 1948 over 70,000 new man-made chemicals have been introduced into our environment. Less than 3% have been tested for toxicity.10,000 Americans are turning 50 everyday and are discovering their energy and health are changing.

There have been over 51 identified hormone mimics, ie: Xeno-Estrogens that affect everyone’s health.Men are in a hormonal crises as well that is causing them countless health problems such as Prostate problems, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, moodiness, irritability just to name a few.

The first signs of puberty in Caucasian girls is now 7-8 years old! African American girls 6-8 yrs old! Researches believe that everyday environmental toxins send signals to the brain before the body is ready.

Many of these health issues can be prevented and resolved through education of proper diet, body care, proper herbal, vitamin & mineral use, and cleanses.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease. Jecobie Roberts is a Lyme disease patient, not a physician or doctor. Some of the treatments discussed are not FDA-approved. Please consult a licensed physician before beginning any new treatment program. This web page was developed to share her personal opinion, research, and experiences - not as medical advice.








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