Why do some products work for one person with Lyme and not for another?

Maybe itís that we all have a different variety of infections?
Maybe it is our individual genetic constitutions?
Or could it be how long we have been infected?
Our different lifestyles?
I donít have an answer?

But I am daily looking for that answer as I work to help others with this nasty disease.

I know that I was promised once by another Naturalpath that if I did TOA Free Catís Claw it would cure me of Lyme within 6 months. I took it for over a couple of years and it did not cure me. I was told that Teasel would turn things around and I took it for over 6 months and I remained the same. Yet, I have had clients come to me with Lyme Disease that I have worked with that responded quickly and felt so much better on Teasel and or Catís Claw.

However, I revisited taking TOA Free Cat's Claw and Teasel at a later date and that time they really did work for me. Weird?

Never give up hope on ANY product. It may just be the timing of taking it for it to work for you? I talk about this more below.

It has been my experience as an alternative health practioner that each one of us is very unique and different in many ways. On top of that we are dealing with a disease that has a different combination of infections for each individual. Lyme is a complicated, multi-faceted disease.

What I have found is there is NOT any lyme patient that is the same as another. Lyme is NOT a cookie cutter disease and can not be treated as such. We may have similar symptoms, but what causes those in each of us may be different. Therefore, common sense should dictate what offers relief for one will most likely be different for another. That is why, in my opinion, you can not find one cure that fits all. Each person is going to have to experiment with many different modalities of healing to find what works for them.

This is something I have also chosen to do for myself with herbs and alternative remedies. It has worked for me.
Yes, there are times when I purchase something with great hope that it was going to make me feel better. I had heard it helped others so much. Yet, for me it did nothing.

Then a year later I would give it a try again and that time it did help!
So donít rule out something just because it didnít work for you the first time. You may want to keep that product and revisit it again at a later date. The next time that same product might really help you out. So as you can tell you are going to have to experiment with different things at different times until you find the combination that works for you. Donít give up!
There are new things being discovered everyday that are helping many in both traditional and alternative medicine.









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