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 Children of all ages welcome!  
For Reservations Please Call our Box Office
@ 1 417 849 8331
Reservations Recommended



Non-Stop laughter, entertainment and one of the funnies shows in Branson! Prepare for a mind-boggling experience as Master Stage Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts takes the stage with her own extraordinary personality, delivering an energetic and highly entertaining performance. Her quick wit and natural showmanship lend a special quality to each memorable performance. Jecobie offers good, clean entertainment for all ages. You'll have the opportunity to take part in the show and become an instant star or just sit back, relax, and watch the fun unfold! There is never any pressure to volunteer so no worries.


What people are saying about Jecobie Roberts Comedy Hypnosis Show.

Ashley. Denver, CO

“I saw Jecobie’s show and I laughed and laughed
until I cried.
I can’t wait to see her perform again!”

Michael. Chicago, IL

“Just saw the funniest show I have ever seen!
If you get the chance to see Jecobie’s hypnosis show GO!”

Jecobie Hypnosis Teen


Jecobie Hypnosis The Family

Nancy. Topeka, KS

“Unbelievable! I will never forget that show.
I have memories that will
last a lifetime.”


Cathy. Cincinnati, OH.

“Took my husband to Jecobie’s show and he volunteered. OMG! I had no idea he could dance like that. So funny.”


Debbie. Fr. Worth TX.

"I went to Jecobie's Hypnosis Show not having any idea what I was in for. Jecobie's show ended up being the BEST SHOW I SAW WHILE I WAS IN BRANSON BAR NONE! This is one show you do not want to miss."

Jecobie Hypnosis The High School

Do you want to create incredible memories that will last a life time?

Are you looking for a show that will have you and the audience participating,  applauding, and laughing the entire show?

Jecobie Hypnosis The Laughing Police Jecobie Hypnosis The New Car Smell
Jecobie Hypnosis I can't Stop Laughing Jecobie Hypnosis I Can't Find My Butt
Jecobie Hypnosis This Is A Scary Movie Jecobie Hypnosis Men Having Babies
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